Kinkead’s Serves Virginia Wines

Acclaimed seafood restaurant and meeting place for the politically connected, Kinkead’s, always includes some Virginia wines on the wine list.  We dined there this past weekend, and we were excited to see that a current feature pour was the 2006 Chardonnay Reserve from First Colony Winery.  Our friend and favorite bartender, Jeff, gave us a sample, and we were pleased by its pear and apple characteristics.  It finished with toasted almonds and honey.  It’s always a thrill for us to see Virginia wines on area wine lists, and we suggest that readers seek out Virginia wines when they dine out.  Plan a visit to Kinkead’s for an elegant night out, and ask for a glass or bottle of the 2006 Chardonnay Reserve from First Colony Winery with your meal.  Mention that Virginia Wine Time made the recommendation!

Eat Lasagna, Drink Naked

So it’s that time of year to enjoy lasagna and drink wine at Naked Mountain Vineyard and Winery.  Last weekend, we brought along my sister Cindy, brother-in-law Travis and my nephew Ellis.  Travis is a fellow wine lover and foodie; needless to say, he was game for lasagna and wine.

Of course, we all had to figure out which wine to pair with our lasagna, and that required tasting wines. We were certain that we wanted a red wine, but why not try the white wines, too?  Paul’s favorite of the white wines was the Sauvignon Blanc, and it definitely conjured images of springtime flowers and warmer temperatures.  Citrus flavors and a crisp finish highlighted this pour.  Travis and I favored the full-bodied Black label Chardonnay with its apple and pear notes.  I appreciated its toasted nut finish. 

Now on to the red wines, and a potential pairing with lasagna was on our minds.  Our choice was the 2005 Scarlet Oak Red.  This is a Rhone-style blend with Syrah, Mourvedre, and Tannat, and it presented a denser core with aromas and flavors of dark fruit and black pepper.  I also detected some tobacco on the nose.  The Tannat provided a nice backbone, too, and the Scarlet Oak Red finished long.  We all concluded that the Scarlet Oak Red had what it took to meet the weight and spice of the sausage lasagna.

With our tasting done, we settled down for a wonderful meal but made certain to claim a table near the glass doors that allowed us to view snow-capped mountains.  A nearby bird feeder was quite busy with all sorts of birds including cardinals and tanagers.  I must also mention that my sister Cindy is not a wine drinker but was very patient with us as we completed the arduous task of wine tasting.  She and my teen-aged nephew did keep track of the many varieties of birds that frequented the bird feeder, and they even braved the cold outdoors to appreciate the lovely winter landscape while we completed our task to select the perfect wine.  Eventually, we all dined on lasagna and garlic bread, and the wine drinkers acknowledged that the 2005 Scarlet Oak Red was the perfect partner with the meal.

Take advantage of the winter lasagna menu at Naked  Mountain Vineyard and  Winery; of course, enjoy lasagna with a bottle of Naked Mountain Wine.  Be sure to mention that Virginia Wine Time sent you.

Cabernet and Chocolates

On Sunday we went to Gray Ghost for their annual Cabernet and Chocolates event. Warren’s sister, her husband, and their son were visiting from New Orleans. After a regular tasting we headed back to the tank room to enjoy some reds with lots of chocolate. It was a great way to spend Valentines Day. Here are a few pictures for the event.


It’s snowing like crazy outside! But we’re warm and safe inside. Snowpocalypse 2010 is a great time to enjoy some wine and food. We were going to attend the Virginia Wine Showcase this weekend but fear the snow will keep us from attending.

To begin the snow event we started with the Barboursville Brut. We thought that would be a great beginning. We noted that it had long lasting bubbles. It had apple on the nose with a vibrant acidity. We thought it would be perfect for mimosas…which we’ll make in the morning.

For dinner we had some grilled chicken seasoned with lemon pepper and long grain and wild rice. Of course we were thinking of a white wine, and already chilled in the fridge was the 2008 Pollak Vineyards Viognier. It proved to be a perfect match. The viognier had a floral nose, and peach characteristics. It paired well with the seasoned grilled chicken. The Pollak Viognier is one of my favorites.

We expect we’ll be enjoying several Virginia wines during this snow event. We’ll keep you updated on the snow and the wines we enjoy.