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Hendrix and Virginia Wine

One of our goals for Virginia Wine Month is to visit local restaurants and establishments that sell and serve Virginia wines. While perusing the shops and restaurants in the Glover Park area of Washington DC, we happened upon Bourbon, a small bar/restaurant on Wisconsin Ave. Looking at the wine list scrawled on a chalkboard on the wall we noticed they serve the Barboursville Chardonnay. We decided we’d stay for lunch.

When our waitress arrived we proudly ordered two glasses of the Barboursville Chardonnay. While waiting for the wine we made our lunch decisions. I opted for the Mac and Cheese while Warren got a sandwich (I can’t remember exactly what kind). Our wine arrived and we began enjoying it while we waited for our lunch. Once our lunch came we enjoyed the wine even more. It complimented our choices perfectly. With lunch finished we continued to enjoy the wine while we enjoyed the views out the window on Wisconsin Ave. Warren was really enjoying the Jimmy Hendrix playing the sound system. I would have selected some smooth jazz instead. Either way, we had a good time and enjoyed the wine. We were also pleased we were continuing to support the Virginia wine industry.

We’re not sure where our celebration will take us next but be sure we’ll be enjoying Virginia Wine Month. What are you doing for Virginia Wine Month?

Virginia Wine Month!

October is Virginia Wine Month! Virginia Wine Month is a time to highlight Virginia wines, drink Virginia wines at local bars and restaurants, attend special events, and buy Virginia wine. As says, “Discover Your Local Crush.” We plan to do just that by visiting local restaurants that sell and serve Virginia wines. What will you be doing for Virginia Wine Month?

We kicked off Virginia Wine Month last night by enjoying the 2005 Kluge New World Red. Yes, I know. Kluge is no longer a winery or producing wines. But Donald Trump will be having an invite only event on Tuesday to celebrate the opening of Trump Vineyard Estates. So even though Kluge will no longer make wine, Trump will with the help of Patricia Kluge. We look forward to checking out the Trump lineup of wines, if we can afford them.

For dinner last night we had thick steaks, mashed potatoes and roasted veggies. What better way to kick off Virginia Wine Month and compliment a delicious meal then with the 2005 Kluge New World Red. I’ve always liked this wine and enjoyed it even more last night. On the nose we noted cherry, raspberry, blackberry, plum, cedar and tobacco. In the mouth we picked up plum, dark cherry, mocha, and anise. With food the tannins came out to play. What a nice bottle of wine! I have one more bottle on my rack. I’ll continue to let it rest and look forward to its rewards in the future.

Cheese and Wine

Here’s the second in our cheese and wine pairing videos. Click on the picture to see a short video.

Friday Evening Sipper

Our Friday night sipper was the 2009 Avenius Sauvignon Blanc from Linden Vineyards. We had it with goat cheese and baguette.

This is one of my favorite white wines. On the nose we noted grapefruit, melon, grass, and mineral. In the mouth we picked up lemon zest, melon, star fruit and grass, and it was crisp and clean. The Avenius Sauvignon Blanc is a perfect expression of the rocky terroir that is particular to the Avenius vineyard.

Tasting at Piedmont Vineyards

Here’s another post for Regional Wine Week and Virginia Wine Month.

After our tasting at Chrysalis Vineyards, we decided to see how things were progressing at Piedmont Vineyards. We are please to report that Gerhard von Fincke has garnered medals for the all three 2009 Chardonnay offerings that are now available in the tasting room. We posted on these in the spring including what was then a sneak taste of the 2009 Special Reserve; all three were well-crafted, and we applauded Gerhard’s efforts as winemaker at Piedmont Vineyards. Paul was particularly fond of the Hunt Country Red, and i did concur that it had developed quite nicely in the bottle. A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, the Hunt Country Red could be described as a bistro-style wine best served with pasta, pizza, grilled fare, or cheeses.

After our tasting, we enjoyed a glass of the 2009 Special Reserve Chardonnay with sliced turkey, white cheeses, and a baguette. It was a lovely afternoon, and the grounds were packed with tasters and picnickers. We are sure that we will return to Piedmont Vineyards to sample the latest releases. Planning a trip to Piedmont Vineyards? Mention that Virginia Wine Time sent you.

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