Seyval Sipper

Before preparing dinner this evening, we selected the 2009 Seyval Blanc from Gray Ghost Vineyards to enjoy with goat cheese and a baguette. The Seyval Blanc is aged in Hungarian oak for four months and of course the pairing was perfect.

On the nose we noted subtle smoke, citrus, and a hint of pear. In the mouth we had similar characteristics but also noted some minerality. We enjoyed the nice crisp edge and how it complimented the goat cheese. You simply can’t go wrong with any of the wines from Gray Ghost Vineyards.

Evening Sipper

Our Friday evening before dinner sipper is the white Merlot from New Kent Winery. The color is very light rose pink. On the nose we got stone fruit, mineral, peach, and pineapple. In the mouth we detected stone fruit and minerality again with some nectarine, pineapple and peach.

This is a refreshing sipper on a warm afternoon. We had it with St. Andre’s cheese and sliced peaches.