Narmada Winery

Over the weekend we got back on the wine trail after a few weeks away. One of the wineries we visited was Narmada Winery. There were a couple of new wines since our last visit. We were eager to taste the new wines. Our gold stars went to the Viognier and the Cabernet Franc.

Added to the line up of white wines is a traminette called Dream. It’s done in stainless steel and has 1.5% residual sugar. This one is a platinum medal winner in the Virginia Wine Lover’s Classic. We noted floral aromas, sweet peach and mango. We also noticed a bit of spice on the tongue. This one would go well with Indian dishes.

The addition to the red wines is a merlot based wine called Gulabi. In the language of India Gulabi means Rose. Concord makes up 3.3% of this wine. On the nose and in the mouth we noticed the grapiness from the concord grapes. It has 1% residual sugar. This one can be chilled and served at barbecues. Our tasting associate described it as the white wine drinkers red. We would agree.

After our tasting, we enjoyed a glass of the Viognier while playing games on the iPad. If you stop by Naramada to check out the latest releases, tell them Virginia Wine Time sent you!

Another Visit To Narmada

Last Saturday after seeing the fall grape leaves at Gray Ghost, we stopped by Narmada to see what has been added to the tasting menu.


Upon entering the gates we noticed they are now doing tastings in the winery among the tanks. Right away we ran into Rob Cox, the winemaker. He preceded to give us a tour of the facility. It’s just about complete. He took us to the unfinished tasting room that promises to be quite a space. We look forward to returning to see the completed tasting room.




After our tour Rob directed us in tasting the line of Narmada wines. Many of them we tasted back in September but there were a few additions since our last visit. The three additions were the Chardonnay, the Viognier, and the Cabernet Franc.


We enjoyed them all but the Viognier got our gold star on this visit. This viognier is steel fermented and it spends seven months on oak. I noted citrus fruit and melon. Warren noted honeysuckle and peach. We enjoyed this one so much we enjoyed a glass on the crush pad, which is set up with tables and chairs.


While enjoying the our glass we got to chat briefly with Sudha Patil, one of the owners. She asked for any advice we might have for the winery. We informed her that they seemed to be doing everything right. We enjoy the wines, the scenery, and we’re sure we’ll enjoy the tasting room when it opens later this month. Plan a visit to Narmada soon and if you do, tell them Virginia Wine Time sent you!

Narmada Winery Opens

During a Labor Day weekend trip to Amissville, we paid a visit to Narmada Winery on its opening weekend.  We also got to briefly chat with winemaker Rob Cox about the winery, its vineyards, and the future.


We were struck by the expanse of the property that includes Narmada Winery.  This includes the home of owners, Sudhas and Pandit Patil, the vineyards, barrel room, and future tasting room.  A man made pond adds a bucolic touch, too.  On opening day, though, the tasting room was still under construction, and tasting were conducted beneath tents that overlooked the property and its amenities.  Of course, we all about the wine, and winemaker Rob Cox guided us through the list of current releases.  The first wine was also the only white wine offered, and it was affectionately called Mom to recall the hard work and dedication associated with being a Mom.  It’s made from Chardonel , a French-American hybrid, grown on the estate and spends  some time spent in both oak barrels and stainless steel tanks.  It presents pleasant pear aromas and flavors with a subtle almond at the end. Boasting 1.5% residual sugar, Mom is a refreshing wine but not cloyingly sweet.  In fact, it was the perfect pour for the warm afternoon and would make for an easy sipper or picnic partner.  (I also imagine that many Moms would love to relax with a glass of this one after a hard day!)


Of the four reds available for tasting, three were Chambourcin products; Chambourcin, too is a hybrid grape and grows well in Virginia.  Our favorite here was the dry Chambourcin known as Reflection.  Treated seven months in oak, Reflection is a light-bodied wine with bright cherry and raspberry notes.  I think this would be a nice red wine to enjoy during summer time with grilled or spicy fare.  An interesting port-style wine was Primita which comes in at 9% residual sugar; it’s also blended with a bit of Grenache.  Destined to be great with dark chocolate, I’d also enjoy Primita with a strong cheese.


As we swirled and sipped, we also got to chat with Rob Cox. He recognized us from the blog even though we were trying to be anonymous. Rob’s credentials include work at Pearmund Cellars, and he has worked with Sudha and Pandit Patil to produce upcoming releases that will include Chardonnay, Viognier, and Cabernet Franc.  The Patils are of Indian heritage; therefore, they favor varietals and a winemaking style that can compliment spicy cuisine such as Indian food.  Their vineyard adventures began six years after they purchased the Amissville property in 1999.  Fourteen acres of property are now in vines.  The tasting room will open in November.


So with our tasting done, we shared a glass of the Mom Chardonel and enjoyed the blue grass rhythms of a local trio.  We do plan to return to Narmada especially once the tasting room is open for business, and we are eager to try the upcoming releases.  Be sure to stop by Narmada Winery, and mention that Virginia Wine Time sent you.