Tree Trimming Wines

While decorating Warren’s tree last night with his parents, we decided to have to some nibbles and wine. Warren selected the 2009 Cabernet Franc from Gray Ghost and the 2009 Chardonnay from Chrysalis.

From the 2009 Cabernet Franc from Gray Ghost we noted a light garnet color, bramble berry and cherry on the nose, cherry and spice in the mouth, and a nice smooth finish. The 2009 Chardonnay from Chrysalis presented pear, apple and some cedar on the nose, was light and crisp with apple flavors in the mouth, and some creaminess at the end. Both paired well with light fair of cold cuts, white cheeses, baguette and crackers. The wines and nibbles were a great way to start the holiday season and made trimming Warren’s tree even more fun.


Happy Thanksgiving! Today Warren made the thanksgiving meal for me, my mom, and his parents. Everything was delicious of course and we had a wonderful time visiting with everyone. Normally we would post about what wines to serve for Thanksgiving. This time however, we’re posting after the fact and posting about the wines we did have for Thanksgiving. It was mostly a Gray Ghost Thanksgiving this year.

We began with a butternut squash soup and had the 2009 Gewurztraminer from Gray Ghost. After the soup Warren served a harvest salad with the 2008 Barrel Fermented Chardonnay from Fox Meadow. The main course consisted of turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cornbread dressing, cranberry sauces (both kinds), green beans, and cornbread. We had the 2009 Cabernet Franc from Gray Ghost. For desert we had Warren’s mother’s pecan pie and the 2009 Adieu from Gray Ghost. All the wines paired perfectly with the meal. What Virginia wines did you have for Thanksgiving?

Holiday Open House

Last Sunday we went to Gray Ghost for their yearly Holiday Open House. We had a wonderful time tasting all the wines and enjoying all the nibbles. We also enjoyed all the decorations. We were lucky enough to visit on the day after the first major snow of the season. Looks like someone else was there on the same day!

Here are some pictures from the event.









More Thanksgiving Pours

So what will you serve with Thanksgiving dinner? Here are my picks but do feel free to share your own!

(First Course) Butternut Squash Soup: Gray Ghost 2007 Gerwurztraminer (a real gem from Virginia but not available at the winery as it is sold out. Alternative? Try the Renee Mure Gerwurztraminer)

(Second Course) Harvest Salad (includes apples, pears, and fennel with roasted almonds): Vine Haven Chardonnay—California Chardonnay that is fruity and crisp with minimal oak aging

(Main Event) Herbed Turkey with Corn Bread Dressing and Cranberry Relish: 2006 Clos Pegas Pinot Noir done in the Burgundian style. Hard to find? Can’t beat the 2008 Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau. For white wine drinkers who will not drink red wine, continue with the Gerwurztraminer or Chardonnay and consider the Chrysalis 2007 Sarah’s Patio Red or a dry Rose from France. (For larger gatherings, offer a mix of red wines and white wines and let guests choose!)

Dessert: Pumpkin Pie paired with the 2007 Gray Ghost Adieu. Finish with Community Coffee and Chicory (found only in New Orleans but the Luzianne and French Market brands are found at area supermarkets)