Birthday Wines

Warren turned 50 on Sunday! Happy birthday, Warren! On Saturday evening we had some friends meet us at Al Dente restaurant for dinner to celebrate. One reason we enjoy Al Dente is because they have a pretty good Virginia wine list. For dinner we selected a bottle of the Petit Verdot NV from Jefferson Vineyards and a bottle of the 2007 Nebbiolo from Breaux Vineyards. Everyone enjoyed the wines and thought they paired well with their meals. After an informal survey of the wines, the 2007 Nebbiolo from Breaux Vineyards was the favorite wine.
After our delicious dinner we went back to Warren’s house for some cake and ice cream. We toasted the birthday boy with the Brut from Thibaut-Janisson. It seemed like the bubbles never quit! We love the Brut! Warren enjoyed his birthday very much as well as all the wines we celebrated with! Of course we’ll do this again in a few months when I turn 50!


  1. Thanks Bob and Frank for the birthday wishes. Yes, we enjoyed some great Virginia wines, and I don’t feel a day over 49!

  2. Happy Birthday, Warren!! Hope the wine was as good as it was at Frank’s birthday bash. (I’ve had Jefferson Vineyard’s PV, but haven’t had Breaux’s Nebbiolo.)

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