Friday Wine of Note

As is often the case we found ourselves having nice thick filets and red potatoes for dinner Friday evening. The question always arises as to what wine to pair with our meal. We perused the wine rack and selected several possibilities but ultimately decided on the 2008 Meritage from King Family Vineyards. You know how much I’ve been enjoying the 2008 reds. I wondered if this 2008 would live up to the characteristics that I enjoy most from the 2008 reds. Sure enough, it did. A swirl and a sniff revealed plum, cherry, a hint of tobacco, and some anise. On the tongue we noted plum, cherry, and some spice at the end (maybe cinnamon or maybe even cedar). The fruit up front was what made me think of the 2008 reds that I enjoy. The mouthful of flavors complimented our meal very well. How could it not? If you haven’t tried the 2008 Meritage from King Family, be sure to put it on your list of 2008 reds to enjoy. And if you visit King Family Vineyards, tell them Virginia WIne Time sent you!


  1. Yes, Jonathan, I agree with the beef tenderloin. Any roasted meat dish at this time of year would pair well with the King Family Meritage.

    Thanks for the comment! Cheers!

  2. Absolutely agree! The Meritage lives up to the tradition that King Family Estates has established over the years. The Meritage is a fabulous food wine, especially for Holiday planning and we have been selling it at the Market really well this vintage. I am making the recommnedation that the Meritage would be perfect with Roasted Beef Tenderloin or my favorite a Roasted Bone-In Ribeye Loin.

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