Civil War Dinner and Virginia Wine

Continuing our celebration of Virginia Wine Month we attended an amazing dinner on Friday night. We went to the Gadsby’s Tavern Museum for a Civil War dinner paired with Gray Ghost wines. We were treated to a history lesson on the Civil War. We heard the part Gadsby’s Tavern and the Gray Ghost played in the Civil War. We were also treated to some delicious food and wonderful wines. Below is the menu and pictures from the evening.

Appetizer course was served in the Tavern assembly room.

Our history lesson conducted by Gretchen Bulova, Director of the Museum.

Shitake Mushroom soup in an herb broth

More history

Filet of beef wrapped in a puff pastry.

Chocolate charlotte ruse with a custard filling.

Gretchen Bulova, Al and Cheryl Kellert, Amy Payette

We had a wonderful evening enjoying the history, the food and of course the wines. The 2010 Merlot was tasted for the first time and it was wonderful! Gretchen informed us that the Tavern offers Virginia wine all the time. Horton makes two wines with the Gadsby’s Tavern label. She kindly gave us a bottle of each to try. Thank you Gretchen!

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