1. Happy belated birthday, Warren. Hope it was wonderful! And, hey, if you guys get down here to see John, I’m right around the corner from the winery in Woodlake!

  2. Thanks to all for the birthday wishes! And a nice snow day, too. I’m enjoying a glass of the 2008 Viognier from Delaplane Cellars (Maggie Vineyards). I agree, John, we do need to meet up soon. We’d love to meet Elyse, too.

  3. Happy Birthday Warren from both Acada and I. We’ve enjoyed spending time with you on the wine trail, and look forward to more time this year. You’re in good company, you share the January 26 birthday with Paul Neuman, rocker Eddie Van Halen and Anita Baker. Hope you have a special bottle planned tonight! All the best!

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