Virginia Wine Time Wins Award!

Hurray for Virginia Wine Time!! Paul and I just learned that we will be awarded a Certificate of Accomplishment from Virginia’s First Lady, Maureen McDonnell. We will receive this official recognition at an award’s luncheon on December 2, 2010.

We’ll take this opportunity to pat ourselves on the back. Our mission has always been to promote the Virginia wine industry, and our original philosophy was that every winery makes at least one good bottle of wine. Five years later, we can report that many Virginia wineries produce more that one good bottle of wine, and several wineries now craft excellent wines across the board.

We’ve had a blast visiting at least 113 wineries, and along the way we’ve met passionate winemakers, vineyard managers, bloggers, and tasters. This award acknowledges that our efforts have been productive, and we plan to keep sipping and writing away!

Planning to visit Virginia wineries any time soon? Please mention that the award-winning Virginia Wine Time sent you!