1. Can I make a request…? Please bring a wine and cheese to the Eastern Shore next Saturday. Look forward to the other videos in the series. Cheers!

  2. VA Wine Diva…we have 3 more videos coming this month with lots of different cheeses. Stay tuned.

    As for the wax on the Adieu, you are right, it’s tough but do it before you refrigerate it and it is so much easier.

  3. Nice new feature 🙂

    I’ve rarely met a cheese I don’t like, so I’m curious to see what you guys choose to talk about.

    As for the Adieu, we paired it with my pumpkin pie last Thanksgiving and it worked perfectly – sweet and savory heaven. This is such a solid wine year to year, that it really is a favorite (if only there were an easy way to remove the wax…)

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