From Wikipedia: VĂ©raison is a viticulture (grape-growing) term meaning “the onset of ripening”. It is originally French, but has been adopted into English use. The official definition of veraison is “change of color of the grape berries.” Veraison represents the transition from berry growth to berry ripening, and many changes in berry development occur at veraison.

We were at Breaux Vineyards yesterday picking up my Cellar Club selections. While there we checked out the grapes and this is what we saw. Is this early for veraison?


  1. Great pic. Does seem early for veraison – most other wineries here in Virginia are also seeing what appears to be early veraison (if there is such a thing). Not sure if this is because of the hotter than normal 2010 growing, or indicative of a larger climate change reason. Afton Mountains has already harvested two of their vineyards so far (see yesterday’s post). Interesting year.

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