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Holiday Open House

Last Sunday we went to Gray Ghost for their yearly Holiday Open House. We had a wonderful time tasting all the wines and enjoying all the nibbles. We also enjoyed all the decorations. We were lucky enough to visit on the day after the first major snow of the season. Looks like someone else was there on the same day!

Here are some pictures from the event.










  1. great pics, beautiful snowy day for a holiday event.

    With all of these VA wine bloggers around, we need an official VA wine blogger tweetup sometime soon.

  2. Always a favorite, especially around the holidays! I’m flying up at the end of December and can’t wait to visit Gray Ghost.

  3. We can neither confirm nor deny our presence there that day…oh wait, I think we gave that away with our post. I thought we saw you…guess you missed the trenchcoats and fedoras.

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