Thanksgiving Dinner Suggestions

What wine to serve with Thanksgiving dinner? The options are limitless, but several factors must be considered. Assuming that turkey will be the star of the show, then sides dishes might have to be considered when selecting wines. Seasonings and spices may also be a factor. Sauces may also complicate things. However, probably the most important factor to consider are the guests since Thanksgiving Dinner usually brings together many people with different palates. If unsure, ask a knowledgeable assistant at any wine shop. In the meantime, here are some possibilities:

Whites: Chardonnay Riesling Gerwurztraminer

Red: Pinot Noir Beaujolais (a classic) Cabernet Franc

Other: Rose Prosecco

At larger gatherings, it might even be a good idea to have two or three options and then have guests decide which wine they’d like to enjoy. Do you have any favorite pairings to share? Let us know!

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