Wine Bloggers At Pearmund

There are a less than a handful of Virginia Wine bloggers. Dezel of Virginia Wine Spot blog is one of them. We enjoy reading his blog, and we always exchange wine information with him via e-mail. It was our pleasure to finally meet up with Dezel at Pearmund Cellars for wine tasting and lunch!

Niki, Dezel, Paul, and Warren at the tasting bar.

We met Dezel and Niki at noon and exchanged hello greetings; of course, we were eager to begin our tasting. Warren and Paul brought along white-wine friendly foods for lunch and were on the lookout for the appropriate white wine for a pairing. The gold-star went to the stainless-steel fermented 2005 Viognier; its tropical flavors were a perfect match for the honeyed-ham basted with apricot spread, herbed chicken strips, and sliced peaches. Dezel and Niki’s mission was to select a red wine that would accompany the pork tenderloin and spiced rice that they brought for our picnic lunch. The ultimate winner was the medium-bodied 2004 Lisa’s Merlot with its deep cherry flavors. While at the tasting counter, we all ended up doing as much chatting as sipping, and we were getting hungrier by the minute. With our decisions made, we opted for lunch on the patio. Throughout our lunch we continued to talk about wine and we got to know our new friends.

Enjoying our lunch.

As we finished our lunch Chris Pearmund began loading palates of wine into a truck for his new winery, La Grange. La Grange’s grand opening is scheduled for Labor Day weekend. We informed Chris that we were bloggers and planned on visiting La Grange soon. La Grange is the first winery to open in William County. It’s also the closest winery to the DC area. We look forward to our visit to La Grange; of course, we’ll report about it here!

Chris Pearmund

To finish our lunch experience, Dezel and Niki treated us to a bottle of the 2003 Late Harvest Vidal to enjoy with desserts that they brought along.

As with most enjoyable experiences, our time with Dezel and Niki had to end. We cleaned up our lunch, exchanged ideas for future visits, and said our goodbyes. We really enjoyed spending time with Dezel and Niki, and we look forward to our next “meeting of the bloggers” soon!

If you visit Pearmund please tell Chris we said hello and that you read about Pearmund on the Virginia Wine Time blog!

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