Storing Wine

How do you store your wine? There are many ways of course but there are several things to take into consideration when storing your wine. Temperature, humidity, darkness, calm, and angle of storage are just a few of the factors involved with wine storage. Paul found a great article online to help in figuring the best situation for storing your wine. To read about all the factors involved with storing wine, click here.

Recently Paul decided to change the way he was storing his wine. Believe it or not, he was storing it above the refrigerator in his kitchen. The temperature alone was not ideal. So he decided to move all his wines into a larger rack system and move the rack into the living room on the floor. This is a cooler, darker place and all the bottles of wine can sit properly at the right angle. A wine cellar would be ideal but when you live in a condo you have to make due with what you have.

How do you store your wine?

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